Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Colorado skiing

At the end of January we spent a long weekend skiing in Colorado to celebrate my completion of the Art History M.A. exam (I passed!).
We spent Friday driving across the vast expanse of Kansas, arriving in Winter Park that evening. We walked through the snow covered town to the local brewery before spending the night at the Gasthaus Eichler.

The view from our room included this icicle covered building and the mountains beyond, which were not visible in the morning because of the falling snow.

In the morning in front of the Gasthaus.

We had a fantastic breakfast at the Mountain Rose Cafe in Winter Park, Joe had the Breakfast Burrito, I had the French Toast. Yum!

Breakfast filled us up for a full day of skiing at Winter Park. The snow continued to fall throughout much of the day, making for great skiing.

We went to the top of Mary Jane, at over 12,000 feet. The wind chill was about -24, and it was tough to see very far. The little bit of hair that was sticking out from my hat froze at a 90 degree angle to my head.

After coming down from the top.

Taking a break from the cold for water and snacks.

Coming back to the base of Winter Park at the end of the day.

The shuttle bus back to town.

On Saturday evening we met up with Joe's Aunt Fran and Uncle Steve, who graciously accomodated us at their house and cooked some fantastic meals. On Sunday we all went skiing together at Copper Mountain.

Some photos from Copper, the sky was beautiful and clear in the morning.

At the end of the day, heading back to the base at Copper.

On the way back to the house, the sunset was fantastic near Ute Pass.


Fran and Steve in front of their beautiful home in the mountains.

After two great days of skiing, we headed back to Lawrence, tired and happy.