Monday, July 22, 2013

Ozark Camp Trip

For years we have avoided camping in the height of the summer heat- in the humidity of the Midwest, camping when the temperatures are in the upper 80s or higher can be quite unpleasant. This year we thought we'd try a trip to the Ozarks in the heat, finding a campsite that would allow us to swim to stay cool, and it. was. fantastic.

We camped at Red Bluff, along the spring-fed Huzzah Creek. The creek was amazingly clear, and had wide stone expanses along it's banks, where we found tiny shells, lots of geodes, and a variety of interesting stones.

Swimming kept us cool, and provided for a really fun afternoon at camp. The area is named for Red Bluff, which is in the photo below.

Working on perfecting our smore technique.

Catching bugs for the "bug apartment." We had a caterpillar (named Sapling), a lady bug, and lightning bugs as tenants.

Fishing at sunset along Huzzah Creek.

The next morning, we took an early morning hike through the forest and along the bluffs. We saw a wide variety of mushrooms in the woods, some of which were neon orange.

Back at camp for breakfast and coffee.

The water in Huzzah Creek was so clear that we could see the fish swimming around, but we still didn't catch any. They swam around our feet while swimming, and we could watch them circle our lures while fishing. There is one at the mid-left of the above photo. 

Temperatures in the mid-90s didn't bother us while in the water.

Driving back through the Ozarks, we found this amazing little burger stand in a small town. In addition to really tasty milkshakes, they had veggie burgers!  Yay!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The weekend in photos

It was a great summer weekend-  marked by amazing food, great drinks,  time spent with family,  and time spent outdoors. A few photos sum it up nicely- margaritas,  farmers market veggies,  a magical little door discovered while biking the neighborhood, good local beer,  and a Sunday KC-style veggie cookout. Happy summer!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Northwoods Trip

Back in early June we took our annual trip up to the North Shore of Lake Superior. We enjoyed a few days of staying at Bearskin Lodge with friends, and all the good times of a cabin trip on the lake- hiking out to waterfalls, fishing from a pontoon boat, relaxing on the water, viewing wildlife (including two baby moose!), and a favorite activity of the under-5 set, throwing rocks in the water.

I love the comfortable feel of the old-school spots along the lake, like Lockport (above).

A very calm Lake Superior, and the rush of Cascade Falls.

Betty's Pies! Pie shakes!

Devil's Kettle Falls.

 Fishing and making the perfect smores.

 Throwing rocks!!!
 Fox by the cabin.
 Baby moose on the Gunflint Trail.

 Bearskin Lake.
 Gooseberry Falls.