Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Disney World!!

 This post is over a month late... but it's fun to relive the memories of an amazing week at Disney World on this cold February day. We spent the most fantastic week at the parks in early January- Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. We also enjoyed a warm day at Typhoon Lagoon and a few evenings at Downtown Disney. There were so many favorite moments, it's hard to capture the week in one post. I think seeing the parks through the eyes of a three year old was definitely a highlight. It was also a great time for Joe to spend a week there, previously he had only been for two days when we were in college. Being with my parents was also a lot of fun, it was neat to relive memories from my childhood with them while sharing the experiences with our kiddo. 

Cheers from Epcot/Germany~

We were fortunate enough to stay at the awesome Art of Animation Hotel. The hotel had four areas- Little Mermaid, Lion King, Nemo, and Cars. We stayed in the Cars area- which was so cool. Everything was based around Radiator Springs, the fictional Route 66 location of the movie. All of the details are what make Disney so fantastic, and this hotel definitely had the details- the Cozy Cones (like in the film), the life-sized characters, even the room decor, complete with traffic cone bedside lamps.
A highlight of my childhood, and of every visit, the Main Street Electrical Parade. Greatest parade music EVER.

 The Japan pavilion at Epcot! Fun!
Meeting the characters was definitely a highlight for the munchkin.
Flip flops in January? Yes please.

The marketing bit about happiest place on Earth is really not that far off. We had many great experiences and were so pleased with the service and ease of the trip. From the airport bus that played classic cartoons to the bus driver who went out of his way to send the collectable transportation cards to our hotel room when he ran out, to the operator of the steam train at the Magic Kingdom who let the munchkin say "all aboard" in seeing his excitement for trains. And a shout out to my high school friend Julia who works at Disney and had one of the clowns from her show address our kiddo by name. When they say magic, it's no joke. Things were so smooth and the entire experience of staying on property was very well thought out.

I think after such a wonderful week of characters, rides, swimming, good food, and amazing experiences, we are all scheming about our next trip!

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