Friday, April 11, 2014

Skytree and Sensoji スカイツリーと浅草寺

Looking up at Skytree.

A few weeks ago, while Joe was visiting, we took a trip to Skytree. At over 2,000 feet, Skytree is the tallest tower in the world, and certainly a major Tokyo landmark. We can see Skytree from the roof of our apartment and from various points in our neighborhood. I see it on my way to and from work, unless it is clouded in. It is a daily presence, and somewhere that little man has wanted to visit since arriving in Japan. We ventured to the lower observatory, which sits about half way up the tower, at just over 1,000 feet. The view was amazing- we could see out to the bay, north to the mountains, and everything in between.

 Tickets and a chart of the view as we waited for the elevator.

 Tokyo from above. This view has the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the Sumo Hall at the left center, and Tokyo Tower-Roppongi-Shinjuku in the distance.

 Looking out at the city.

 Looking down at the surrounding Skytree mall and Tokyo streets.

 Sensoji (temple and pagoda) across the river.

 Skytree ice cream with sakura flavored dessert vinegar. Dessert vinegar was something new to us, but it was quite tasty.

 More city views.

 Looking down the structure through the glass bottomed floor. 


After lunch at the mall which sits at the base of the structure, we headed over to Asakusa to visit Sensoji.

Looking back at Skytree from the temple. Above was a shot of the temple from the Skytree.

 Kaminarimon, the gate of the temple, famous for it's huge lantern.

Sensoji is Tokyo's oldest temple, and one of the largest. It is also insanely crowded with tourists. The shopping street leading from the gate to the temple is packed with (mostly foreign) tourists, and is a spot to find all manner of souvenirs.

 I did not find a button or t-shirt stating "I survived Sensoji" which was how I felt.

 The paper lanterns *are* pretty cool.

 Joe and the pagoda.

 Another pagoda shot.

 The giant incense burner. We made sure to get a whiff and to scent our clothes a bit.

 Looking back from the steps of the main hall.

 The main hall.

 Another lantern!

Little dude loves tossing a coin in the box and temples and shrines and "making a wish" as we have termed it. He even gives a little bow!

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