Thursday, March 28, 2013

Call to Action!

Today, March 28, is the National Day to Demand Action.

It has been 100 days since Newton, CT. Please join and call your Senators to demand sensible gun control laws in our country.

Thirty-three people die every day from gun violence in America. Just last week a university student was shot during a robbery in his home here in Kansas City. Another senseless tragedy.

Call and demand universal background checks on all sales. Call and demand a ban on high capacity ammunition magazines. Call and demand stricter laws for straw purchases and gun trafficking. Call and demand a ban on assault weapons. Call and demand an end to online sales and stockpiling of ammunition.

It is harder to purchase beer than it is to purchase a gun in this country.

People say that these measures- common sense measures- won't stop the violence. Sure, speed limits don't stop all traffic deaths. Drug laws don't stop all abuse. But they do make an impact. We need to start somewhere. What if we could save just three lives a day? Twenty-one lives a week?

Gun extremists say that gun laws make their lives "inconvenient." Well, it's inconvenient to register one's car at the DMV, but we all see the benefits in having insurance and registration for automobiles. There are more gun shops than post offices in America- it is not inconvenient to prevent someone from dying. It is called being a responsible citizen. It is called caring for humanity. It is called caring for your community and for your neighbors. It is called being a patriot.

Call now. E-mail now. Be a part of the solution. Save the life of a parent, of a sister, of a child, of a friend. Your life depends on it.

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