Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flying Dutchman

Last weekend we went to our third opera of the 2012-2013 season, The Flying Dutchman.  We began our evening with an exquisite dinner at Affare, a contemporary German restaurant in the Crossroads. From the delectable cocktails to the perfectly crafted small plates, this restaurant was truly fabulous. We had much to celebrate- my dissertation proposal was approved by the faculty, Joe had a few successes at work, and the snow left us with high spirits. 

The opera itself was intense- Wagner isn't my favorite, as the constant drama is hard to keep up with, but the performances were definitely amazing. I love the story of the Dutchman who leads a cursed ghost ship, and the captain's daughter who is destined to fall in love with the Dutchman- it's very romantic and the basis in folklore and the high seas lends the story a dark feel. The best part of the Lyric's production was the set and costume design. The beginning scene on the sea was created with digital projection, which was seamlessly integrated with the large-scale ship on the stage. It was really interesting to see a classic opera updated with digital technology. The costumes were created locally, and were gorgeous; together, the set and costumes really lent to the feel of a northern European fishing village, and made the performance rich and engaging. All in all, a fantastic night in Kansas City.

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