Monday, April 22, 2013

Kite Festival

On Saturday afternoon we went out to the 'burbs for the Flights of Fancy Kite Festival.  This was my first kite festival, and it was actually a good deal more fun than I expected. It was perfect kite weather- just a bit breezy, blue skies, a slight chill, but not cold or too windy. We first walked around the grounds of the community college where the festival was held, checking out the huge house-sized kites from the KC Kite Club, and then made our way over to the fields where the amateurs (us) were trying their hands at kite flying. As we didn't know what to expect, we came kite-less, and were more than pleased when there was a huge trailer selling all manner of kites. We were also relieved when sprout set his sights on an $11 model, and not one of the significantly costlier versions. We flew our little orange kite for quite a while, and little man got so excited at the soaring bit of nylon that he couldn't stop jumping around (he also got too excited to hold onto the kite- note to parents of small children). Once the thrill of the kite wore off we cruised the food trucks, had a light snack, and called it an afternoon. All told, I had forgot how much fun kite flying is- the exhilaration of the breeze, the fun and skill of maneuvering a kite, the simplicity of it all, and in this instance, the shared sense of community. Go fly a kite!

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