Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A day in green

Waiting for the train. Green boots, green jacket, lime green umbrella.
Wednesday here was one of those days of heavy rains that happens only when living close to the ocean. Hard, driving, downpour rain for hours on end. I love rainy days, as they are the perfect excuse to stay in with a good book, or drink a warm beverage, and I always get the best sleep during a rainstorm. Throughout the day green was a reoccurring theme, appropriate for these early summer days.
The floor at Uguisudani Station- nightengales, which the station is named after.
The view from my office window, particularly verdant on a rainy day.
Green tea and green tea coated chocolates for an afternoon snack.
The green stripe of the Yamanotesen on my way home. 

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