Saturday, May 17, 2014

Let's Go Bowling!

 Is there anything greater than tacky bowling shoes?

The past 24 hours around here haven't been the greatest. I suddenly came down with a pretty severe stomach bug yesterday afternoon, and it was a tough evening and morning for me. We had to cancel plans with a friend today, and spent most of the day around the house. The weather was beautiful though, so we went to explore a new park in the late afternoon hours when I was starting to feel better, only to have the park keeper come and lock up the gates early. Tears from little dude ensued (it was a pretty neat park). I thought I could remedy this with a round of taiko at the arcade, but we arrived at the arcade with just enough time to see all the fun games, and to be informed that kids under 18 have to leave at 6. No tears, but I mumble of "bummer" and a pretty long face. So, what to do with so much frustration? Go bowling.
Push a button for your size, shoes spit out the bottom. Return to the box at the left.
Bowling alleys- the same the world over.

The bowling alley in Oji was just like every other bowling alley I've been to. Ever. Anywhere. We did bumper bowling, and they had these neat ramps for kiddos- a bonus as without these his technique is to set the ball down and then push it, which results in the ball barely making it to the pins. This was little dude's second bowling experience, and he was soooo excited every time we took a turn. I, admittedly, am a terrible bowler. My score today was 88 (with bumpers, people) as compared to the four-year old's 66. But, I still thoroughly enjoy a trip to the bowling alley, mostly because I think of The Big Lebowski the entire time I'm there.
Getting our Lebowski on.
Anticipation. Will it be a strike?

I leave you with the Jesus scene from Lebowski. Really, the first minute and a half are the best. I think I need a White Russian.....

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