Thursday, June 12, 2014

えんやラーメン Enya Ramen

Last week, I was getting ready to make myself a quick rice bowl lunch at home before heading into the research institute for the afternoon when I thought to myself- no, don't just make rice at home, go on a Tokyo food adventure. Live it up. Enter Enya Ramen.  A quick web and Tabelog search came up with the shop near Oji station. They serve shio (salt) broth ramen with chicken broth (I know, cheating vegetarian, but ramen is just not often veg), seabream, sanma, and shallots. It is so savory perfect. Mostly I love the noodle part of ramen, so I'm hoping to explore a bit further afield on my next ramen adventure to find veg ramen. That, and the meat-based broth is a bit oily/greasy for my palette, so I'd prefer something lighter. Enya was a great little shop though, and was voted one of the top new ramen spots in Tokyo back when they opened in 2012. Yum.

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