Friday, June 06, 2014

Kayaba Coffee カヤバ珈琲

This is Kayaba Coffee.  It's located not far from the research institute in a neat little neighborhood between Nippori and Nezu stations, and close to Tokyo University of the Arts and the well-known gallery SCAI The Bathhouse. I've been meaning to post an ode-to-Kayaba Coffee for a while now, but finally got some decent photos to do so with. The building was constructed during the Taisho period (I believe 1917), but didn't become a coffee shop until the late 1930s. They serve great coffee and fantastic matcha cake, as well as a changing daily menu. I've only been for lunch, but it is always something light and healthy with lots of veggies. There are usually three options, plus the standard sandwiches. It is affordable, but it really feels like somewhere special-I always leave having had a great conversation and a fantastic meal.

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