Sunday, January 04, 2015

Baking 2015: Cranberry zucchini muffins

Since mid-November I have been baking at least weekly. This wasn't something I was trying to do, but between the long haul of Thanksgiving-kiddo birthday party-holiday cocktail party-Christmas-New Year's a great deal happened in our kitchen. I've decided to try and keep the momentum and make it a goal to bake once a week for 2015. Although brownies were the last of the baking projects for 2014, made on New Year's Eve, this year started out with something a little healthier- Cranberry zucchini muffins.  These are quick to whip up, and the zucchini adds a good deal of moisture, as well as balance for the tart fresh cranberries.
Wet and dry ingredients.
Popped up muffins right after coming out of the oven- this allows the steam to release and the muffins to stop baking.
Saturday breakfast! 

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