Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fall Soba 秋そば

Well, the temperatures today were high (low 80s, yuk), but last week we experienced some lovely cool fall weather, which had me thinking about autumn dishes. Most days I pass by a soba and udon restaurant in Uguisudani Station that currently has a poster up for fall flavors. One of the things the poster advertises is an autumn mushroom soba, which sounds so earthy and warm, highlighting my favorite parts of my favorite season. I decided to try my hand at it, and so I present, Fall Soba.

First, I stir-fried the mushrooms in a slight bit of oil, adding soy sauce and a hint of mirin, as well as some chopped garlic. I hard boiled two eggs while cooking the veggies. I then added a bunch of spinach to the stir-fry, and cooked the soba noodles.

To complete, I added a simple broth to the drained noodles, as well as the veggies, one of the eggs, some nori, and a big helping of grated daikon. The daikon added a bit of zip to the otherwise rich and savory dish. Next time I will likely add a bit of sliced spring onion as well. My new favorite fall dish!

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