Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mori ichi sushi もり一寿司

Before I lived in Japan, I thought sushi would be something I would eat all the time. This isn't really the case. I really enjoy sushi, and while it is easy to find and really good quality here, I just don't find myself eating it that often. I did have it this weekend though, and it was pretty good. Ti and I went to Mori ichi, a kaiten (conveyer belt) sushi place in Oji where all the plates were 135 yen. As the restaurant was really crowded, nothing sat on the conveyer belt for very long, and the chefs were really working to turn out sushi at such a fast pace. It's fun to watch the chaos in these types of establishments, and to be able to see a sampling of what type of sushi is currently popular.

Gluttony. The workers count up plates at the end of the meal to calculate the bill.

The adorable brochure near the register that extolled the health virtues of sushi.

Mori ichi Oji.  Click here to check out Tabelog for reviews (Tabelog is like Yelp for Japan).

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