Monday, February 17, 2014

Endless Tokyo 延々東京

Southwest view.

On Sunday afternoon we took a trip to the top of Sunshine City, to the Sunshine 60 observatory. The view really provides an idea of the endless expanse of Tokyo, stretching off to the horizon in every direction. Above is the view to the southwest, with a completely white Mt. Fuji barely perceptible in the far distance, and Ikebukuro Station in the foreground. Below is little dude staring off towards the north- as we can see Sunshine City from the roof of our apartment, in theory our building is in this photo, somewhere above his head near the river. The other photos are of the different directions. When I'm on the ground I don't feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the city, but seeing from above how it stretches so far, and with such density gives a very different perspective on Tokyo.

 North view.

 The view to the east, with the bay off in the distance.

 To the south, Shinjuku in the distance. 

 To the east, a view of Skytree.

Looking down at the Toden Arakawasen, or the streetcar.

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