Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Up!

Ok, people. It's time we all happy up.

I had a bottle of peach water from the vending machine at work last week, and it included the great bottle cap caption you see above. Happy Up! Of course the peach water helped to elevate my mood, but I think we can all use to try sending some positive vibes into the world. Go do something nice for someone today. Send someone chocolates. Buy someone a drink. Give a gift to somebody. Give a hug. Smile at a stranger. Skype a friend. I received a tiny box of Christopher Elbow chocolates in the mail over the weekend, and it really did make my day. I know everyone is tired of winter (I see all those whiny Facebook posts), and I get that February is the lamest of months, but embrace the cold (I'll be seeing whiny Facebook posts about the heat all too soon), curl up with a blanket, drink some hot chocolate, and love that you are alive today. 

Happy Up!

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emilygrows said...

amen, sister. :)