Tuesday, February 04, 2014

生活 Life

 As of late, most of my days have had a view similar to that pictured above. Coffee, books, computer. Of course there is exercise, and mealtime, and general evening and weekend relaxation tossed in, but the monotony of January and February weekdays is always a bit of a comfort to me. It is a time to work, and relish a simple (mostly) indoor routine, a time to drink warm beverages, and to slow down a bit. No holiday stress, no summer buzz, just life. Life with sweaters and blankets. I also think that this simplicity allows for room to take particular joy in the little things. Things like focusing on my yoga practice, or taking it easy with a movie night. 

Today four little things really made my day better. 

First off, the primrose plant that is gracing my desk. Most of today was grey and rainy here in Tokyo, and the bright pink flowers that came as a thoughtful gift from little man and my mom really helped me to get through a rather mundane day at my desk.

Second, some upbeat music courtesy of Gramatik (and YouTube). The chill yet energized tone was a perfect match for a day of research.

Third, getting out for an afternoon of coffee shop reading. A cookie and matcha frappucino also boosted my afternoon mood.

Last, but not least, it snowed! As it didn't change from rain to snow until the late afternoon, it didn't accumulate very much, and I'm sure it'll melt early in the morning, but it was so uplifting to see some real winter weather. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the different reactions of the passers by while I sat in the coffee shop window, especially the people who had the same expression of wonder and joy that I had from seeing the puffy white flakes falling on the Tokyo landscape.

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