Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back in Japan

After a 22 hour journey with a head cold (ugh) I'm back in Tokyo. I was pleased to be on a 777 for the Pacific flight, which means individual entertainment options; basically I read a magazine, slept a bit, ate some veggie curry, binge watched five episodes of House of Cards, and a 7,000 mile journey was over in a snap. I know everyone loves to complain about flying, and I do have some things to say about the Cancun-bound family on my first flight who thought it appropriate to drink heavily on a 7 a.m. flight and somehow didn't think that the no-electronic-cigarettes rule applied to them (!), but overall, modern flight is pretty amazing. In 1930 it took 30 hours and 8 flights to get from New York to LA, and cost the equivalent of $6,000. It only took me 22 hours and 2 flights to go from Kansas City to Tokyo, and at around 15% of the cost. I think this Louis CK clip sums it up best: . Start at second :43, but it gets really good after minute 3.

In any case, I'm back to the research routine here in Tokyo, where the weather is cool and pleasant. I got this free promotional sweater for my tea bottle this week, so not only am I ready to dress for autumn, but my beverages can do so too. More soon!

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emilygrows said...

twas so so great to see you al. miss you. xoxo