Friday, November 15, 2013

Otsuka Shopping 大塚ショッピング

On Friday, my head cold had reached it's peak, and I decided that a little retail therapy and a night in was what I needed. So, I headed home from the research institute via Otsuka.

I frequently go through the station at Otsuka on my way to other places, and have enjoyed browsing some of the shops on my way to grab a coffee, but this was the first time I really explored the station shops. There is a great import grocery, a few cute accessory shops, and a Shelf & Shelf. These type of Japanese stationary shops make me swoon. Cute cards, adorable desk accessories, all the pens and organizers that one can imagine..... sigh.... Somehow I made it out with just some stickers and a card to send home, as well as the pencil lead that I actually needed.

My true shopping agenda was Uniqlo, where I found a great jacket, and a million other things that I wanted, but refrained from buying.

My last discovery was the food court on the first floor. I picked up some take-out sushi, but will definitely be back to try some of the many other take-away options, including bento, salads, a bakery, sweets, and Chinese food.

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