Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Akasaka Mitsuke and Ikebukuro 赤坂見附と池袋

Jet lag had me up early today (as in 4:30 a.m. early), but I still managed to have a full first day. It started off at the Fulbright office near Akasaka Mitsuke station (street scene above), where I had a brief orientation and met another Fulbright grantee. We enjoyed a great lunch near the station, mine consisting of chilled noodles, tempura and rice, salad, and pickles. It was fantastic.

The afternoon was spent near Ikebukuro Station, the second busiest in Japan. I had a few errands to run, and got most of my tasks completed by 5 p.m., even in the unusually hot weather and fighting the afternoon drowsiness of jet lag.

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