Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Waseda 早稲田

Tuesday proved to be a very productive day, which I spent visiting the library at Waseda University. University libraries in Japan are generally closed to the public, so I arrived with a letter of introduction from my own institution, as well as my i.d. card. As the library is literally gated (students swipe their i.d. card to enter), I had to receive a research day pass to use the collections. This allowed me full access to the library, and also allowed me to leave and return throughout the day. Above is the entrance to the central library, below are shots of the tree-lined campus, where I took a long walk on my lunch break.

 My day pass. I spent the morning in the general stacks, and the afternoon in the research collections, which required a further sign in and deposit of my bag in a locker.

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