Saturday, August 31, 2013

Museum Thursday 美術館の木曜日

I spent Thursday with my friend Ti, exploring near Tokyo Station, and viewing two museum exhibits. Our first stop was an exhibit of ukiyo-e at the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum.  The museum building is a phenomenal recreation of one of Tokyo's first Western-style office buildings, originally built in 1894, but with the current incarnation dating from 2010. The ukiyo-e show was also a treat to see- we viewed the third section, which included prints from the 19th century.

We then walked over to Tokyo Station, the renovation of which was recently completed. The station, a perfect example of Meiji period architecture, looks amazing. The original roof design has returned, and the opulent domes are restored to their original appearance.

After a brief lunch of Thai food, we walked to our second destination, the Mitsui Memorial Museum. This museum was connected to the posh lobby of the Mandarin Oriental, and had a breathtaking entryway. 

The exhibit we saw was on yokai, or demons. It was very cool to see yokai ranging from a Kitano Scroll of the 14th century, to 18th century prints, to 20th century manga, and how the illustrations of the yokai have changed and remained the same throughout history.

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