Monday, August 26, 2013

Iidabashi 飯田橋

On Sunday evening I met my friend Ti for dinner and drinks in Iidabashi. This is my new favorite Tokyo neighborhood- it was leafy and had lots of small, cosmopolitan restaurants and bars tucked into the various narrow lanes that we strolled.

We hit up The Royal Scotsman for some craft beers on tap and a fantastic dinner.

A Sierra Nevada and a Punk IPA. Most beer in Japan is lager, so not the most flavorful or interesting to drink. As a result, it is a treat to come across craft beer, and despite the high price tag, it is very worth it to indulge in a few glasses when the occasion presents itself.

The food at The Royal Scotsman was also fantastic- we had an appetizer of octopus with tomatoes and walnuts, drizzled with a savory dressing, and a meal of fish and chips, fried to perfection and accompanied by a great tartar sauce.  I did not try the haggis.

After dinner we walked the neighborhood, enjoying lovely weather and narrow lanes and popping into a basement wine bar that was playing a stream of classic Madonna.

On the Tokyo Metro headed back home....

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