Tuesday, December 10, 2013

秋二 Autumn 2

The weather in Tokyo is gradually cooling, but autumn is still hanging on a bit here. On Monday I had business to take care of at the Ward Office. Difficult applying for preschool translating and explaining a US 1040 Tax form into Japanese tax language kind of business. Luckily, the workers there are really kind, and the woman processing our application was super nice. Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that we can get in! In any case, the walk to the Kita-ku Ward Office is along a path beside this dry-for-winter riverbed, past a lovely arched bridge and near some fiery red maples (above). After my two hour (!) consultation and trying to pretend like I understand the US tax system, as well as learning about the Japanese tax system (preschool rates are based on taxes), I took a little sanity break and walked over to Oji Shrine (below), which is very close to the Ward Office. A great place to take a deep breath and return to a balanced state.

Tuesday was rainy and chilly, and as I walked through Ueno this morning the ginkgo leaves were falling from the trees. I am obsessed with their perfect golden color, and lovely curved shape.

Even though the 40 and 50 degree temperatures are nothing to complain about, the blowing wind and rain gets chilly while walking outside and standing on train platforms. My favorite anecdote is a hot yuzu drink from the vending machine- it warms your hands and your body, and matches the golden color of the ginkgo leaves.

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