Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miso glazed salmon

I've been really into variations on this basic combination lately- rice, greens, fish. Today it was garlic bok choi with a hint of mirin, and miso glazed salmon. The fish that we can get here is amazing- the quality is phenomenal, the cuts are fresh, and the price is cheap. I got this large piece of salmon at the grocery store for about $3. Prices are slightly higher at my local fishmonger, but I also know that when I buy from them the fish came from the famed Tsukiji Fish Market that morning. Plus with the fishmonger I'm supporting a local business, and I get conversation, fish-related advice, and free samples to boot. But sometimes they are closed, and sometimes I have other things going on, which was the case today. I marinated the salmon in an impromptu blend of about 2 parts white miso, 2 parts sake, 2 parts mirin, 1 part soy sauce, a few drops of sesame oil, and a liberal heap of powdered ginger. It was the perfect blend of sweet and savory, and the nicest addition to a great piece of salmon.

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