Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tokyo Christmas Tree

 Well, a certain little person in my life informed me that the tree I previously purchased was too small. According to kiddo logic, if the tree is too small, Santa won't be able to put presents under it. So much for my 500Y decorations, I now have a full-sized tree which I purchased complete with blinking lights, a cute Santa-themed base, garland, bows, and ornaments. I don't think I've ever had blinking lights before, so that's a novelty. I chose this particular tree-in-a-box for the ornaments.

First up, chubby-cute Santa.

Next, a glittery snowman. Tokyo may have a mild climate, but this dude can handle it.

Always a kid favorite, a train.

Santa suit!

Two shiny gift boxes.

A Santa boot. This one actually makes me really nostalgic for my tree at home. I have a Santa boot ornament that was handmade by my grandfather, and it is always one of my favorites to put on the tree. 

And finally, a very gold reindeer.

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emilygrows said...

I love everything about this!