Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve at Tokyo Disneyland

This year we spent a magical Christmas Eve at Tokyo Disneyland. The decorations were beautiful, and it was a great chance to do something special for the holiday. We even spotted a snow-covered Mt. Fuji on our way into the park!

In addition to the holiday decor throughout the park, the Christmas parade was really fun. We saw all of little man's favorite classic characters, and even saw Santa at the end. Plus, some of the floats had "snow" coming from the top, giving the illusion of a light snow flurry on a 50 degree day.

It's a Small World was decorated for the holidays, inside and out.

A view of the park from the platform for the Western River Railroad.

We had dinner at the Queen of Hearts Banquet hall, immersed in one of my favorite movies- Alice in Wonderland.

The castle was dressed up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the park opening.

We ended our day with the Main Street Electrical Parade before taking the trains back home.

Hope your holiday was full of warmth and joy!

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