Thursday, September 19, 2013

Asukayama Park and Okonomiyaki 飛鳥山公園とお好み焼き

After a day of hashing out research and dissertation work, Ti and I spent the evening hanging out around Oji and Kajiwara, solving the worlds problems one drink at a time. We began at Asukayama Park. Public drinking is legal here, so we talked academia on a park bench, with chuhai and beer from the convenience store. The park has a nice traditional feel to it, and we mostly sat near the river (above), but also walked around the hilly part and viewed the mid-Autumn full moon (below).

The park has a great view towards Oji and Oji Station.

Next on the agenda was dinner. We took the streetcar over to Kajiwara and had dinner at Fukuraya, an okonomiyaki shop in my neighborhood.

Ti awaits our Osaka-style modan-yaki as it cooks on the grill. The mid-century vintage beer advertisements that decorated the restaurant were pretty stellar (check the background!).

Okonomiyaki. The greatest food known to human kind.

We also had a traditional style shrimp okonomiyaki. Modan-style has yaki soba noodles (a type of egg noodle), and is thinner in the pancake with the egg on top. Traditional style has the egg mixed in, and no noodles.

Nerding out for okonomiyaki.

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