Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Udon うどん

 Earlier this week I made a big batch of curry. To mix up the leftovers (of which there were a lot), I bought a 3-pack of udon noodles. Tonight I used one of the packages to make kakiage udon with kakiage that I picked up from the supermarket on my way home. Not having a deep fryer, I can't easily make my own kakiage, but the mixture of diced veggies fried into a fritter of sorts is readily available here. I cooked the udon, added it to a simple light Kansai-style broth, and topped it with spring onions, serving with a side of tsukemono (pickles). Although I love the doughy consistency of udon, the real reason to eat this meal is as a vehicle for shichimi togarashi, a savory and slightly spicy mixture of seven spices.

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