Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Instagramed Wednesday

Some photos from my day.

Above- higanbana, or red spider lilies, a  sign of autumn here in Japan. The heat broke with the typhoon earlier this week, so the temperatures are in the 70s and 80s. Higanbana popped up in Ueno Park, and I saw them on my way into work. Personally, I think they are quite beautiful, but for most Japanese people they represent death- they were traditionally planted near cemeteries because they repel rodents and insects (in Ueno they are across from the cemetery), and I believe there is also a folk story relating them to tragedy. Still, striking in appearance, and pretty cool in the way that they pop up overnight.

Below- a gorgeous butterfly that kept me company as I walked from the train into work. It even landed on me at one point!

Tokyo Tower with the moon (is it full? I'm not sure...). I attended a Fulbright reception at the second-to-the-ambassador's residence this evening, and saw this on the walk from the station to the diplomatic residence. The reception was lovely, and held at the house that Walter Mondale lived in when he was the ambassador. No Caroline Kennedy, but still pretty cool!

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