Monday, September 30, 2013

Sara udon 皿うどん

Sara udon, or Nagasaki udon, is a favorite dish of mine. Similar to chow mein, it's easy to make, and can be customized to one's taste. I generally like to use cabbage, carrot, yellow peppers, mushrooms, and tofu, but any veggie or seafood combination works. Above, stir-frying the veggies, below, fried tofu.

The package of noodles and gravy that I used, Kata yakisoba. Some day I will learn how to make this dish from scratch, but until then (and until I have a deep fryer for the noodles), the packages available at the market are quite tasty.

 The gravy and veggies, getting ready to mix with the fried noodles.


When added to the noodles, the warm veggies and gravy soften the noodles, making for a delightful cool weather dinner. This dish seems to lie somewhere between Chinese and Japanese food- it's a specialty of Nagasaki, but was originally inspired by Chinese food. To my palate, the gravy of sara udon is lighter than that of chow mein, and the noodles are thinner, plus there are a greater variety of veggies, I think of chow mein as being mostly cabbage, sprouts, and chicken.


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