Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hakusan Shrine Festival 白山神社祭

This afternoon I stepped out of my apartment for a few minutes to grab some lunch from one of the local bento shops, when I came across part of the Hakusan Shrine Festival at the end of my block. There was a parade of families and kids carrying a portable shrine, and another group drumming on a large float. 

I had seen the posters for the festival, but as it is a very small neighborhood shrine, I hadn't planned to go. I picked up my lunch, and walked over to the park next to the shrine to get some fresh air and to enjoy the sound of the chanting that was part of the festival.

Lunch, above, the bento shop, below (I took the photo on my way back home, after he had closed for the afternoon).

 Hakusan Shrine. For additional photos, click here.

I love the weather-worn lantern that is near the front. The shrine is quite small, and the origin date isn't known, but it has been here since the Edo period, so probably at least since the 17th century.

I made my way back home, and as I was settling into my afternoon, the festival parade came down my street, giving me a great bird's eye view.


The kids were working so hard!

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