Saturday, September 14, 2013

Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, Imperial Palace, Omotesando 東京国立近代美術館、皇居、表参道

Thursday was another day of Tokyo exploring with Ti. We met up at the Museum of Modern Art Tokyo (above) in the morning to view the Takeuchi Seiho exhibition. The show was fantastic- Seiho was a well-known nihonga painter of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Nihonga, generally defined as neo-traditional Japanese painting, was transformed during his era, and Seiho can be credited with many of the innovations in subject and technique that occurred during his tenure. The greatest part about this show for me was seeing many well-known works in person- nihonga is not widely exhibited in the U.S., so viewing such a high quality collection of the genre is one of the joys of living in Japan.

We also toured the permanent collection of the museum, and popped into the "Room with a View," a literally named spot with a great view of the city and the Imperial Palace grounds.

Lunch set at the Mainichi Shinbun building.

Our next stop was the Imperial Palace grounds- here we are outside the Otemon gate.

Visiting Sannomaru Shozokan, the Museum of the Imperial Collections. The current exhibition was, Childhood Clothing Worn by His Imperial Highness Prince Mikasa. The show included a variety of beautifully produced clothing from Prince Mikasa's childhood, mostly objects from the 1910s and 1920s.

 Walking through the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace.

Me outside of Otemon Gate again.

Next stop- Brimmer Beer Box- an interesting pop-up-craft-beer-in-a-repurposed-shipping-container place in Omotesando.

People watching from the rooftop deck with some truly great microbrew.

Last stop of the day, 246 Common, a very funky and hip outdoor area filled with food trucks and small merchants

Dinner from Curry Freak at 246 Common.

The interesting outdoor space of 246 Common.

Shop at 246 Common.

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